Practise with First Level Characters

The Cave of Trials
After receiving mysterious letters from an anonymous source, the characters King Blob, McDuff, and Perrin met in the ‘Sleeping Sorcerer’, a tavern in the grand city of Argan. After discovering that they were all contacted by the same person, the characters were met by Thalin; a strong but portly Dwarven warrior. King Blob recognised the seal on the letters as the seal of the royal family in Argan. Thalin informed the characters that he was an informant from the noble ’Hero’s Guild’ in Argan and that the characters were to be tested in the ‘Cave of Trials’ to see whether they were suited to be Heros. The characters followed Thalin out of the tavern.

The party approached the base of the rocky side of Argan Castle’s Motte, where they found a dark cave entrance. Thalin told them, ‘This, is the cave of trials, the ultimate test for new Hero’s and adventurers. Enter at your own peril, and should you emerge, you will have proven yourselves heros.’ The halfling, Perrin, asked ‘what perils will we face in the cave?’ But the answer to that could only be known when they entered the cave.

The inside of the first chamber in the cave was dark and dank. King Blob percieved the walls to be wet and slimy, as if moss had grown there for centuries. A stream, running at the far side of the cave flowed, and beyond it, 2ft above the ground just beyond reach of any creature within the waters, was a passageway. King Blob was the first to jump, and as he plunged into the water, he soaked Perrin and McDuff with a mighty splash. The next attempt of the characters was to throw Perrin across the waters. This also didn’t work, as Perrin failed to grasp the ledge on the other side. When Perrin himself attempted to jump across, he landed in the passageway neatly. King Blob too. However, as McDuff lept across the stream, he slipped, and grasped the ledge, to be pulled up by King Blob.

At the end of the pasageway, the party reached a door, the door, when they tried it, was jammed. King Blob attempted to bash the door down, and was thrown off his feet by the sheer force of inanimate wood. Idiotically not trying again, the characters tried a variety of techniques, including lockpicking, telekenisis, and attacking the door, to try to breach this inpenetrable obstacle. King Blob heroically threw himself at the door once more, and the door shattered.

The players were met by a choice of left or right, down two passageways. The group chose to go right, evading the peril of a dead end and an arrow trap. Down the right passage, the party soon found themselves surrounded by skeletons. McDuff acted fast, casting acid splash on one skeleton, who’s bones began to corrode away. King Blob mangaged to take down a skeleton immediately and injure another, charging forth with his great axe. McDuff became cornered by two skeletons, and his acid splash finished off one of those skeleton. The other skeleton began to swipe at McDuff, leaving him injured. King Blob’s skeleton shattered as the great axe collided with it once more, and the dwarf proceeded to save his friend. McDuff’s acid splash missed the boney fiend, but King Blob’s great axe did not. The party advanced, leaving a pile of bones in their wake.

The party came to a final door, who’s lock mechanism was absent due to McDuff’s missing acid splash. Behind it they found a chest, full of gold and rubies. As they opened the chest, out flew Chinmin, another informer of the Hero’s Guild, a tame Pseudodragon. Chinmin landed on McDuff’s shoulder, telepathically congratulating the party and leading them up a stair case out of the cave, where they once again met Thalin. The characters had proven their worth, and were offered a place in the Hero’s Guild…


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