Welcome. We are the Nerd Herd and this is our ‘campaign’. Note the inverted commas, because this isn’t technically a campaign, think of it more as an arena, or training area, where I as the GM allow my PC’s to test out new 1st level characters to see how their creations work in the world of Pathfinder. We play a game or two, test the characters to their limits, and then I let them adjust their characters accordingly. I too learn more and more about how to GM and create fun and exciting missions for my PC’s.

Note: This is a gathering of beginners, absolute noobs. Do not judge us!!! (Please)


Sebastian Treacy (GM)


The Party:

King Blob- Dwarven Fighter (Nick Bailey)
McDuff- Human Sorcerer (Sam Elwes)
Perrin Goldeneyes- Halfling Rogue (Seb Baker)
Aurora- Human Cleric (Milly Fenn)

The Nerd Herd- A Brief Explanation

The Nerd Herd is an initiative of those of us who felt we needed to separate from society and make our own social scale so that we could excercise our huge egos and put ourselves at the top of the ‘Awesomeness Ladder’. This idea was formulated in 2012 when we all got bored. We also have a youtube channel where we make video game clips, most notably ‘Minecraft’. There is no leader of the group, just a bunch of happy people who are big headed enough to call themselves cool.

Our Campaigns-

Until the GM decides which proper campaign we will embark on, we will play small 1st level missions and encounters without leveling up. When Seb gets off his arse and gets going making a campaign setting, we’ll be sure to tell you.

Practise with First Level Characters

NickBailey MillyFenn selwes SebCBaker